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Amaan Academy has been founded in 2020 after 9 years of founding the choir itself. The need for this academy was shown obviously to develop our member's music skills all over the world.  is our online course source. The courses in the academy are summarizing everything musicians will need during there journey to expand their skills. The course is designated basically for singers but also to help musicians who play instruments as well. 
By joining the choir, you will be under the supervision of one of our experts to give you access to the courses and help you to develop your knowledge. That means: by joining the choir you are not limited to the courses you will learn. It will also give you the chance to sing, learn with other singers and join the annual concert (The next one is expected to get a place in Amman summer 2021)

You also can join one of the classes by itself. With this possibility, you can get access to one of the courses for 3 months. This will be a great tool for those who are planning to get some individual courses or apply to one of the ABRSM exams in the theory for example. 

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