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  • After signing up, Am I automatically a member of the choir?


Yes but you still need to fill in the assessment form which will be sent to you immediately after signing up via email. This form needs to be filled in carefully since it will help our experts evaluating your level and deciding on the best ways of helping you improve.   

  • What are the prerequisites to join the choir online courses?


Nothing! Yes. We are sure. You only need to have an interest in singing mostly in Arabic. It is easier if yuo know arabic an how to sing already but that's not a condition. We believe that everyone deserves to get the chance to learn how to sing in Arabic and visit our countries. 

  • What happens after filling in the Assessment form?


Your level and musical and lingual needs will be assessed by our experts, who will then communicate with you a study plan for you to start with. Soon after, you will be granted access to the services you signed up for. 

  • Is there any human touch in the process?

Sure! It is only started by the network but later and after submitting your evaluation form, you will get our best help. 

  • When will I get the exact dates for the final concert? 


In January 2021, all members will receive the concert's date.

  • Can I use my membership as a credit for college?


The choir is not a university body but it is working closely with several colleges and conservatories. We will check this possibility case by case with our partners. 

  • I would really love to join. But, It is super difficult for me to pay the amount of money because this is considered a lot in my region. Can I still join?


We have a few opportunities for scholarships, please contact us via email explaining your situation and motive. 

  • Is it obligatory to join the finale concert in 2021?


No, although it is a great chance to visit the country and be hosted and guided by locals. You can also decide to join all courses without being in the concert or even be presented in an online form during the concert. That will be clarified during the online live monthly classes. 

  • When will the live online classes happen? and with whom? 


Our zoom classes happen once a month with the conductor and the group leaders as well. In general, we prefer to do classes on Saturdays. In some cases and if the group can agree on a different day and time, we are able to adjust. 


  • Who will cover the cost of flights and accommodation in the country where the finale concert will happen?


The flight ticket will be your responsibility. We will manage the accommodation with our partners in the host country.  


  • Who will take care of any visa issues? 


We in Amaan choir XXI with our partners will issue an invitation for the final concert if a visa is requested. However, Visa costs are your responsibility.  

  • Who will decide about the final concert place and date?


The choir themselves. After rehearsals start, the group will discuss the finale concert and vote democratically. At the end, the executive team will work to manage the concert in the place and date agreed. 

  • How long will we stay in the place of the finale concert?


5 days including rehearsals, concerts, and tours. 


  • Can I join the choir, just to learn more music by getting access to the courses?


Each course can be joined individually or you can sign up for all courses by becoming a member

  • When will I be billed? 


That depends on the pricing plan you choose. On average the monthly amount are 16 Euros. This amount will be less if you decide to pay 6 months in advance with the half-year plan. And will be even less if you decide to pay for one year. 

  • How is the video quality? 


If 1080 HD is not convenient, then just press the 4K choice, and enjoy the best quality for online classes. Even movies mostly are shot with 1080 HD. 

  • Who are your partners?


Amaan choir XXI has collaborated with several partners throughout the years including but not limited to: The national music conservatory in Amman Jordan, The Turkish conservatory in Berlin, Der Neuer choir in Dresden Germany, Royal Society for the Conservation of Nature in Jordan, The Tera Sancta college in Jordan, Crescendo institute in Jordan, Higher institute of music in Damascus Syria, Choirfest middle east Dubai UAE, Crossroads festival in Limassol Cyprus, Bayreuth festival for young artists, Al-Qafila Project in Germany ...etc. 

  • Are there any other concerts later?


After the main concert, There might a possibility for other concerts.  All members will be informed about it and will get the chance to decide whether they want to join or not. 

  • I only dance! Can I still join!


SURE! The program for next year includes a great show with dancers so you can easily join. Also, you will get access to improve your music knowledge with the package.  


  • What about my information and contacts? How will you deal with my privacy?


Your information and evaluation will be confidential and accessed by experts only. No one gets your contact or any of your personal information from us unless you requested that officially. . 

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