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Join the Choir  for the season 2022/2023!

How does it work? 

  • Amaan choir announces auditions only once a year (Probably during the summer break in July). In certain cases, we announce an extra audition in January. For the auditions in January, we only accept advanced singers, who have good experience in choir singing.   

  • All applicants singers (Beginners or advanced) must fill out an application to join the choir. 

  • The application will be first evaluated by the German office. If accepted, members will be invited first to be auditioned through a zoom meeting. Through this zoom, the choir conductor will discuss with the new members the season calendar and make sure that they understand all the choir guidelines. During the zoom, one song will be given to all members so they can prepare it. They will have to get ready with this song within two weeks. The zoom meeting will be scheduled for the first week of August.

  • The German office then will issue the final nominated list. All the participants on the list will be auditioned live with one of the choir's qualified singers. This is not considered an n audition, rather it is a class to help the new member to find his voice and character in the choir. This meeting will be scheduled for the second week of August. 

  •  All accepted members will be then invited to join the first workshop with the choir conductor. This workshop will have place in the third week of August (Weekend). During this workshop, the conductor will have a chance to know more about the skills of each new singer. As well, the choir-qualified choir members, will get to know them and communicate with them. 

  • After the workshop is done, the qualified singers in the Amaan choir will be voting on the choir conductor's choices. Any new member must get 80% of the voices to be part of the choir. This rule was implemented in the audition to make sure that all choir members share a good feeling toward any new member. We in the Amaan choir are working like one family. That's why it is important that we all share the decisions when it is necessary. 

  • The new applicants are officially considered new members after passing through the auditions and getting the vote from the choir singers. That's why no registration fees are requested before the beginning of September. 

You get accepted. What is next? 

In the Amaan choir we identify the choir members within three categories : 

1. New singers: Any singer who will be accepted in the choir, must first join this group. to move to any other category, singers must go through this group first even though they had previous experience in singing.  This means one season is required before being part of the qualified or advanced singers. No exception to this rule. The new singers will be learning the ABRSM (1) curriculum to learn the basics of music notes. As well, they are going to read 200 reading exercises during the first season. New singers will only practice once a month for three consecutive days. These days we call them (The monthly workshop). The dates for all these workshops will be given at the beginning of the season. New singers will only have one big concert at the end of the season (After six months). As well, they will be invited only one time to our German office to get more workshops. This workshop should be at the end of the season. 

2. Qualified singers: After passing through the new singer period, you should be identified as a qualified singer. By being a qualified singer, you can sing in the circle concerts (once every two months), and as well participate in international concerts and workshops (which happen once every 3 months). For such travel during the season, qualified singers will need to pay no fees for any trip (Only for the final trip in the semester). This only happens in case singers are paying the registration fees regularly within the exact time. But: Being a qualified singer, means that singers will practice once a week in addition to the monthly workshop. This is to guarantee their development in any international activity.

3. Advanced singers: Those who get the ABRSM 5 with more than 5 seasons of experience in the Amaan choir, are invited officially to teach in the choir and get paid for their services. As well, they are not required to pay any fees. We are trying to benefit from our members who developed their skills and be the first to give them a hand in the practical world. 


Applying to the Amaan choir costs nothing. You will only start to pay when you are 100% accepted. All singers except the Advanced singers pay 30 JOD monthly. This fee can be reduced in some special cases. Members who want to get this reduction must indicate that in their application when they apply to the choir. 

2022/2023 Calendar

First season

20 July till 30 August: Auditions, applications to get new members

2 August: Rehearsal will start for Qualified and advanced singers (One workshop monthly with new singers - dates to be sent privately to the singers)

19 September: First concert (Sardaman)

22-24 September: workshops in Germany (Cologne University and Vokalmusikzentrum) - Only qualified and advanced singers

7 November: Second concert (Sardaman)

16-22 November: Recordings in Germany + Concert - Only qualified and advanced singers

15-22 December: The final concert for the season. 

9- Jan 2023: Third concert (Sardaman)

12-16 Jan 2023: Workshops in Germany with all choir singers. 

Second season: 

7 February; The second season start

13 March: The fourth concert (Sardaman)

20 - 24 April (Concerts in EU) _ All singers

25 May: The 5th concert (Sardaman)

15-25 June: The final concert for 2022/2023

The first week of July: Concert in the EU. 

Rehearsal rules: 

Please be aware of the following rules when you apply to the choir

  • Members must read this paper fully before submitting their application. 

  • Members must be aware that rehearsals start exactly on the time. Being late two times without advance request will not be considered and will differently cause members will be out of the choir. (Keep in mind: Trafic is not one of our accepted excuses). 

  • Singers must be capable to manage their payments on time. Any delay in payment without advance communication might cause members will be excluded from the concerts or tours. 

  • Members are not forced to move to the qualified singers level. Singers can remain as new singers upon their request if they prefer not to travel that must or do more concerts. However. theory and music will remain at the same level when they stay at the level of the new singers. 

  • Any type of artistic decision is discutable BUT the main decision will only be issued by the choir conductor. After it is announced, It is final and no discussions are allowed. 

  • In the choir: WE HAVE RESPECT for all singers and participants of any nationality, ethnicity, or religion. As well it is very important to respect and accept any type of differences when it comes to sexual orientation. Any type of discrimination or bullying will cause that singer will be out of the choir. 

  • New members must agree to stay in the choir minimum of one year. This is to guarantee the level of their development and as well the improvement of their colleagues in the choir. 

  • Unfortunately, we can't accept members who can't fly with us outside Jordan at least once every six months. 

Choose Your Pricing Plan

  • قواعد الموسيقى 1

    لتعلم المبادئ الرئيسية في الموسيقى . متوافق مع مناهج ABRSM1
    Valid for 3 months
  • قواعد الموسيقى 2

    Valid for 3 months
  • قواعد الموسيقى 3

    Valid for 3 months
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