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Why Amaan Choir XXI?

We believe that the East was the cradle of old cultures and religions, and  from here the beginning of history was written; Amaan Choir XXI emerged to visit back the historical roots of our world with a new vision, utilizing music for the sake of spreading pace and love in our wounded world. 

In our concerts, relax, let the books recite history, let the voices take your on a journey back in time with us, Listen to the harmony that reflects the lifestyle of the  21st century, try to understand what history is trying to tell us, listen so we can take you on a journey full of culture.  Once you feel it, just proudly say; Amaan. Let it be Amaan, let it be a meaning of inner peace, a bundle of joy and a reason to wonder.

Who are we? 

A singing choir that has been established in 2012 under the name "Amoun", and under the umbrella of the National Music Conservatory in Amman-Jordan. The choir became independent in 2014 and started working with it's own vision under the name of Amaan Choir, and just in 2020 Amaan became Amaan Choir XXI. 

Amaan XXI was initiated with 16 singers back in 2012. Within 4 years of the beginning of  its independent work, it was a platform that succeeded in recruiting and training 90 singers, performing together and working on more than 60 musical pieces in more than 16 languages; Arabic, English, French, Italian, German, Greek, Chinese, and some ancient languages like Aramaic, Cyrianah, Byzantine and Pharaonic in more 30 concerts in different occasions.

Where we have been performing

Amaan XXI participated during the past 8 years in 17 countries including Jordan, UAE, Lebanon, Cyprus, Italy, Germany, France, Czech Republic, Austria, Slovenia, Sweden, Norway, Iceland, Switzerland, and the Netherlands.  Amaan XXI choir received The best dynamic choir award  in ChoirFest Middle East Dubai back in 2016. 

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